Welcome Message

Welcome to Lyons Early Childhood School.  Our school is located in the Woden Valley region of the ACT and caters for students from birth to eight years.  We offer preschool to year 2 programs as well as childcare.

We believe in nurturing students’ curiosity about their world.  We provide daily opportunities for students to explore their environment, interact with others, experiment, practice and play.  We are committed to the explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy as a foundation for further learning. We recognise the importance of communication, language and social and emotional development and provide opportunities for students to develop skills in a supportive learning environment. Our learning and teaching programs are based on the Early Years Learning Framework (preschool) and the Australian Curriculum (kindergarten to year 2).

We are focused on and committed to building a strong school community.  We support the development and growth of all children by ensuring that we develop strong and trusting relationships and partnerships with and between children, families, school staff, Woden Community Services and the wider community.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Robyn Strangward