Policies and Procedures

ACT Directorate Policies

The school (Preschool -Year 2) implements all ACT Education Directorate policies.

All ACT Education Directorate policies can be viewed at http://www.education.act.gov.au/publications_and_policies/policy_a-z

Our school policies have been developed in consultation with the Lyons ECS School Board. They support our implementation of Directorate policies.

Our School Policies (Preschool - Year 2)

LECS Parent Handbook 2016 (PDF 902.9 KB)

Anaphylaxis Poster (PDF 303.9 KB)

Supporting Special Needs (PDF 198.9 KB)

Information for Volunteers (PDF 231.7 KB)

Volunteer Plan (PDF 174.7 KB)

Collecting Children (PDF 183.1 KB)

Late Arrivals (PDF 209.3 KB)

Transitions (PDF 176.2 KB)

P-Yr 2 Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting (PDF 270.1 KB)

Helping at School (PDF 196.9 KB)

ACT Public Schools Complaints (PDF 215.0 KB)

Dress Standards (PDF 682.6 KB)

Countering Bullying, Harrassment and Violence (PDF 591.0 KB)

Anaphylaxis Prevention Plan (PDF 213.6 KB)

Our Preschool Policies and Procedures

LECS Parent Handbook 2016 (PDF 902.9 KB)

Complaints About Education and Care Services (PDF 212.8 KB)

Welcome to Karobean Preschool (PDF 199.4 KB)

Approved Provider Document (PDF 202.1 KB)

ACT Public Schools Complaints (PDF 215.0 KB)

Dropping Off and Collecting Children (PDF 190.4 KB)