Helping at School

Family Involvement

We acknowledge the valuable role of each family and community member in the learning and development of young children. We actively promote our vision for productive partnerships and collaboration through a range of educational initiatives. How parents become involved in the education of their children at LECS will depend on what suits the individual family. We encourage family involvement at every opportunity.

It is essential that there is local decision making which is responsive to families and draws on community expertise. All parents are encouraged to maintain close contact with the Principal who is keen to receive feedback, questions or concerns at any time.

Families can help in a variety of ways including:

  • sharing knowledge and expertise of craft, cooking, music, storytelling, job skills etc.
  • interacting with the daily program
  • participating in working bees in the gardens and outdoor learning spaces
  • participating as a P&C Committee member
  • sitting on the School Board.

LECS offers a range of community programs including targeted and general playgroups such as Paint and Play, Dads' Playgroup and Multicultural Playgroup. Information about these programs is available from Reception or via the LECS community noticeboard.