Our Aims

  1. To provide quality child care for children that enhances individual cognitive, emotional, social and physical development
  2. To recognise, respect and respond to the feelings and needs of each child and parent/carer within the context of the program
  3. To provide a program that gives equal opportunity for all chidlren to be included, and that develops additional skills with new experiences and stimulating activities
  4. To provide a healthy, safe and caring environment for all

The Program

The Early Years Learning Framework is used as a guide by all educators.

The program in each room is based upon the Principles, Practices and Outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework.

A vision for children's learning is reflected through our Philosophy.

The program is organised to encompass the needs, interests and developmental progress of each child.

The program contains spontaneous experiences. 

Written, photographic and verbal observations of the child are recorded, evaluated and included in the child's individual program.

Parents are welcome and invited to contribute to the planning process.