Effective and successful transition is a large focus of our work in an Early Childhood School.

As part of the wrap-around education and care that is provided at Lyons, we support children and families at key transition points.

 Structured programs are in place for:

  1. children and families moving from childcare to Preschool at Lyons
  2. children and families moving from Preschool to Kindergarten at Lyons
  3. children and families moving from Year 2 at Lyons to primary school

A range of experiences are included in the Year 2 program so that this group is well prepared for and experience a positive move to Year 3. These include, during Year 2:

  • inclusion in primary school swimming and athletics carnivals and day camps
  • several visits, throughout the year, to local primary schools to experience a school assembly, primary playground, canteen and classroom learning in a more traditional setting
  • orientation visits (for child and parents) to your child's school
  • visits from teachers of recieving schools to Lyons to observe our setting and discuss children's and family's needs