Early Childhood School Model

The Early Childhood School model is an innovative approach to education.

Birth to 8 years is considered globally as the time of Early Childhood development. Cutting edge research into brain development during these years has informed the establishment of the Early Childhood Education model. Key elements of our Early Childhood School philosophy support these new understandings.

  1. Strong, positive relationships in the early years are pivotal to children's development across all domains (Cognitive, Language, Social, Emotional, Physical)
    • Relationship-building underpins all aspects of belonging to Lyons ECS
  2. Play is authentic and relevant and forms a strong foundation for high quality learning for young children
    • We adopt a play-based pedagogy for implementing the curriculum
  3. Supporting and actively including parents and carers in all aspects of school life is key to successful learning for young children
    • Community connection and involvement is a key component of the Lyons ECS model
  4. Providing a 'one-stop shop' of wrap-around care to families is essential to ensuring a smooth, seamless pathway for learning. By 8 years of age children are more ready and mature to make the successful transition to primary school
    • Our model and supporting transition processes have eliminated many of the challenges children traditionally face when moving from Childcare to Preschool and Preschool to Kindergarten

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