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It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the website of Lyons Early Childhood School (LECS).

As Principal, I am very proud of the tradition, reputation, achievements, culture and spirit of our school.

At LECS we support children from birth to 8 years and their families in an environment of rich learning and development. Our school is a welcoming, positive, happy and inclusive community. We believe that everyone matters. This core belief underpins everything we do.

Learning is important at our school

Our school has a focus on personalised learning across all domains of development – academic, social and emotional, language and physical. Children engage in authentic learning through play. This is the context through which the curriculum (Early Years Learning Framework and Australian Curriculum) is implemented. We have a coherent approach to learning, based on sound, educational research, that sets high expectations for the children in a supportive setting. At the end of Year 2 (at age 8) our students, equipped with a range of skills, confidently and successfully transition to Year 3 in primary school.

People are important at our school

LECS provides a nurturing environment in which every member of the community is valued, respected and encouraged to reach their full potential. The unique nature of our school becomes evident through the network of genuine relationships in our community - relationships that are built on trust where deep respect for each other is obvious.  We value the strengths and skills that children and families bring to our school, and we work together to build capable, competent young learners.

I encourage you to visit LECS and see for yourself the high quality learning and respectful relationships which showcase our school as a quality choice for families.

Mary Hutchinson

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