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School Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Lyons Early Childhood School (LECS) we enact our philosophy of 'Work Hard, Play Hard, Be Kind' in all that we do.

Work Hard:  We foster learning that is authentic, rigorous and deep

We invite children to become deeply engaged in the endeavours of 'Being, Belonging and Becoming' through authentic and rigorous learning experiences. Dispositions for learning are intentionally taught, nurtured and reflected upon. Confidence, curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity, commitment and craftsmanship are lifelong traits that we teach alongside Growth Mindset.

Play Hard:  We foster learning through play

We believe that learning through play allows children to discover, imagine, question, challenge, create and expand their thinking and understanding of themselves and their world. Educators plan for teaching and learning through the use of a Play By Design framework. This ensures that our play fosters curiosity, drives a child's agency and establishes confident and capable learners. At LECS, learning through play is an intentional thread that is woven into all aspects of our curriculum. It is also fostered through daily engagement in Play Workshops.

Be Kind:  We foster teaching the whole child

We believe in creating challenges, allowing for risk and promoting the child's voice through Outdoor Learning which includes Loose Parts, Explorer Walks, Gardening and Acts of Giving. Through these authentic experiences and deep reflections children develop self awareness, critical thinking and social understanding. Our deliberate connection between indoor and outdoor learning creates a rich tapestry that honours each individual and the whole child. At LECS, we teach the Curriculum of Giving, we foster relationships and build a community of learners. Our learning spaces create a connected, warm, joyous and inspired atmosphere for learning.

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