Lyons Early Childhood School

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Supporting outdoor learning and sustainability

At LECS, living sustainably is supported by schooling which is "smart by nature". This involves weaving sustainability and outdoor learning throughout the curriculum.

We teach children and families an appreciation of the natural world: how nature sustains life; how we nurture healthy communities; how we recognise the implications of the ways we feed and provide for ourselves; and how we know and connect well with the places we live, work and learn.

Our curriculum offers opportunities for all children to enjoy first-hand experience outdoors. We believe that such experiences inspire passion, motivating our children to become successful learners and to develop as healthy, confident, enterprising and responsible citizens. From the school grounds to our out-the-gate experiences and walks up Oakey Hill, we seek out many locations for outdoor learning.

Our school's focus on outdoor learning and sustainability fosters challenge, enjoyment, relevance, depth, development of the whole child, and an adventurous approach to learning. At LECS, we have transformed our outdoor spaces into vibrant, adventurous learning spaces. We teach how to respect nature and to be mindful of the waste we create.

Come and visit and experience our outdoor learning highlights for yourself!

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