Lyons Early Childhood School

An ACT Public School

Promoting curiosity and creativity

Research shows unequivocally that when people are curious about something, they learn more and learn better.

Our school fosters 'the early childhood mosaic' of curiosity, exploration, play and creativity. At LECS, we pay serious attention to helping children acquire and retain a thirst to find out about the world.

Learning through play is a key feature of our approach to teaching our early leaners through to the end of Year 2. We believe that play that is rich, well-planned and designed, allows children to discover, imagine, question, challenge and create. It encourages them to expand their thinking and understanding of themselves and their world.

Our model of learning through play fosters curiosity, drives children's agency and establishes confident and capable learners. At LECS, learning through play is an intentional thread which is woven into all aspects of our curriculum and is fostered through daily engagement in Play Workshops.

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